Wixdesign provides premium Wix site templates for businesses and people who want or already have sites with Wix as their site platform. In order to use the templates provided by us, you must have an account on the Wix site platform.

What other WIXDESIGN services can you provide?

We offer website creation, re-design, SEO and others applications made from Corvid Wix.
If you would like any further help or support, please contact us by email or chat and we will be happy to assist you.

Why do we use the WIX Platform?

We use the Wix platform because your site is easily managed with or without our help. Our clients have always sought something easy and that meets all their daily needs.

Do I need to choose a theme that matches my business or brand?

Absolutely not, you can choose any template and customize it to suit the needs of your company or brand.

Can I customize the template of my site?

Yes, all templates on our site are fully expandable and can be customized any way you want! You can change the logo, images, fonts, text, add additional pages etc. There are no limits to customization!

Will my site be mobile compatible?

Yes, all our Templates will be mobile compatible and accessible on any device.

Can WIXDESIGN professionals help customize my site for me?

Yes, our team of expert designers can customize your site for you.
Click here for more info.

Do I need anything else to launch my site?

Yes, you will need to upgrade your site with a Wix Premium Plan. You will also need a domain name and you can get a free domain for the first year with the purchase of your premium plan. For more information on Wix plans, CLICK HERE. If you have questions about which plan is right for you, please contact us.

How do I get my own domain?

You can buy your own domain with Wix. If you purchased a domain elsewhere, you can transfer it to Wix.
To connect an existing domain to your Wix site, sign in to your Wix account> mouse over Plans> click Domains by following the next steps. If you need help just contact our support, we will be happy to assist you.

Can I use my site on another platform?

No, our templates are for the Wix platform only. Hosting is provided through Wix Premium upgrade plans.

What is a Wix Code Based Database (Corvid) Template?

A Wix Code Template is an advanced Wix Pro Theme that consists of actual "Code" that enhances the website design with special features, functions and overall user experience. To learn more about Wix Code click here.

Can I have training done by WIXDESIGN?

The Wix Platform also allows us to easily train anyone to create or modify your site with easy-to-understand steps. Wix offers thousands of design templates, but most people are unaware that you can have a much more complex site that is attractive to your customers.

I'm a Web Designer, can I buy your themes to use on my clients?

Yes, absolutely! Contact us and we will help you get the theme you need.







We are here to help you with any other questions or concerns you may have.